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Bonita and Gene

Dear Fellow Travelers!

We certainly had an absolutely wonderful time on 'The Viv and Joy Troopie Tour'. We are still on a high despite the loads of washing, bills, babysitting and a myriad of other chores. And its freezing in Melbourne. Listen wistfully to ....."Darwin33" on the radio and wish..........

You did a magnificent job Joy and your tour manager skills were much appreciated. Every Meet and Greet turned up, every bed was waiting, every meal appeared from nowhere. Pilots, drivers, wine, dinners, all arranged with apparent ease and that does not happen if you are not well organized and spend a fortune on phone calls.

The Art Center visits were great. It has really given us an insight into not only the painters but also their 'country' which is so important to their work. This is what we secretly hoped would happen and our main reason for embarking on a trip but which we initially thought was ridiculously expensive. As it turned out, it was of course expensive but never the less, we felt we were extremely privileged to have been able to fly like we did, go where we did and enjoy being hand held on a trip we could not have done so blissfully easily without you two ladies! Money very well spent!

Although not part of your trip, we do recommend to the others to do Davidsons Arnhem Land Safari one day. We regard it now as having been a great introduction to our Art Trip. The rock art is absolutely mind blowing and there is so much of it. It became a starting point to understanding the art on bark and canvas.



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Dear Viv and Joy,

A huge thank you to you both for arranging such an amazing trip for all of us. Baz and I are still on a high!! We really appreciated all of your hard work and planning - it was such fun and our 'gang' were wonderful to travel with. Will be in touch again soon, but now got the washing machine at full throttle getting ready to leave for Europe on Wednesday afternoon.

Hope these few shots bring back good memories. Can't wait to see you either at Telstra, Emily show in Canberra or next year for another trip. Thank you again - we learnt such a lot, are tickled pink with our purchases and so enjoyed seeing the art centres. This was one of THE BEST and most fun trips we have ever had.

with love,

Jude and Baz

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Featured Art Tour

This year we have designed a comprehensive tour of Arnhem Land, focusing not only on the art centres, but we have also included immersive environmental events. A spectacular time of year, after the wet season has abated, the drier air ensures comfort whilst the land is still lush and green.

The customised trip will give you the opportunity to walk around the community environs and engage with the local residents. In particular you will meet the artists, often the artist’s family and certainly the arts workers. On occasion we havebeen offered spontaneous invitations to visit the artist’s homes and camps, the chance to visit the local school, learn more about medicinal botany, Yolngu law, interpret rock art or do some night fishing. Overall the style and pace of the trip is to give those interested in Top End Indigenous Australian art and culture an opportunity to fulfil their curiosity in a real time way.

Make no mistake; this trip cannot be achieved without the expertise of the Aboriginal Art Connections team with many years of collective experience and enthusiasm for Northern Australia. Wewill provide a comfortable trip and an extraordinary experience.

The service you can expect from the team at Aboriginal Art Connections is exemplary. Please be aware that accessing these remote communities in Arnhem land is restricted, so we make all the applications on your behalf to clear entry, prepare your lodgings, ensure meals are hearty and fulfilling, down to the fragrant fresh coffee for morning and afternoon tea always in a scenic let’s just stop and take it in location.

As your accompanying indigenous art specialist I am on board to facilitate your growing knowledge of the art forms of the region, such the stylistic shifts from eastern to western Arnhem land, to introducing specific artists work to you, and being that calm third party when required to help you make decisions with confidence when on the ground.

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